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Thu May 22 16:30:57 CDT 2003 - Total songs stands at 827. I haven't updated or changed the list in a long time and it doesn't look like I will any time soon. If you really want to see changes, contact me.

Wed Nov 27 18:03:56 CST 2002 - Total songs: 789. Total play time before a repeat (in theory): 66h 41m 55s. Reality says we are getting many repeats and the randomizer, well, isn't. We're looking into it.

Thu Sep 26 10:03:18 CDT 2002 - This hasn't been updated, but changes have been made. The playlist is currently 716 songs for a total play time of 61 hours, 16 minutes and 55 seconds. A small handful of "easter egg" songs have been placed in the stream. These are silly songs or songs that don't quite fit. Hearing one is a 1 in 100 chance, but you'll know it when you do.

Fri Jun 28 16:04:16 CDT 2002 - After the clean-up project, many more songs have been added. No repeats and nothing mis-labled as far as we know. Total count is now 609 songs with a play time of 51 hours, 21 minutes and 11 seconds. We hope to have a play list up soon. If there is anything you'd like to hear, we want to know.

Thu Jun 13 15:34:29 CDT 2002 - A large cleanup project has resulted in the removal of almost 50 duplicate or corrupt songs and the re-titling of mistitled songs. All for your benefit, we might add. Or not. Play time is now 38 hours and 49 mintutes before you should hear a repeat. Some songs have multiple mixes in the list, so some may seem to be duplicates but are not. And there may be some we missed. Let us know.

Mon Jun 10 11:46:03 CDT 2002 - Added some c-tec, Kevorkian Death Cycle and Evil's Toy. Total play time is 42 hours, 16 minues and 50 seconds with 498 songs.

Tue Jun 4 11:42:01 CDT 2002 - More songs added. Gridlock and Assemblage 23. Total playing time is now 41 hours, 42 minutes and 15 seconds. There should be no repeats of songs during that time and there should be no crap or mis-labled songs. If you find one, tell me. There is a link at the left to contact me.


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