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About 7x7 Radio

If you hear a song change before the end, there is a possibility it is a corrupt mp3. The other possibility is we are messing with the stream and changing the songs manually. We apologize for any aggrivation or annoyance.

7x7 is an experimental streaming radio station. The stream is on all day every day, we never turn it off. There are over 800 songs playing in random order all the time. The playlist changes constantly as we discover repeat songs, corrupt files, make additions and the like.

Once the experimental station is deemed production worthy, it will be reincarnated in a totally different format as it is a precurser to a much larger project. Since that time seems to be a long way off, enjoy the stream.

Yes we are using ShoutCast, no we don't intend to keep using it. Shut up ya snob, I'd like to see you run this.


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